Building The Dream

Our initial dream was to have the Dream Catcher Balloon bring joy to those in wheelchairs. With Chrysalis as our 501(c)(3) (see The Story of 501) the idea envisioned

Director Jason Parkinson has been in a wheelchair for over 20 years. His Dream Flight finally came true.

included having an individual come from their “cocoon” state in a wheelchair to fly freely like a butterfly. Of course, more individuals came to us asking how about kids with cancer, autism or Asperger’s Syndrome, Parkinson’s Disease, kid camps that deal with loss, wounded warriors and their families, cerebral palsy, and more. We began to see the dream could be so much bigger.

Executive Director Captain-Crystal Stout even spent time in the wild tundra of Alaska being educated on using the Dream Catcher Balloon as an incentive program to keep the kids in school, as well as give the elders (who have been housebound for eight months) an incredible experience. This trip was so successful that a local flight school and airline wanted to get on board to help bring the Dream Catcher Balloon to remote villages in Alaska. Our world was changing and with it our dream changed.

The Dream Catcher Balloon Program is fully mobile and is easy to travel to the individual or event, avoiding troublesome and time consuming travel for mobility challenged individuals. It is easy to imagine the joy of those watching, as well as experiencing the wonder of leaving the ground with laughter. With the use of a Chief Pilot and Crew Chief it is easy to set up.

It is easy to be a part of something so much bigger than us and a view of the world. Share a different view with an individual who sees only from the ground. Your tax donations are accepted and we are ready to bring the world wings.